• DOT seeks input on talking cars, but 'punts' privacy, critics say #privacy #technology #regulation

  • Realtek seeks documents from LSI trial over RAND rates for defense in Texas patent suit #Texas #patent

  • Eastern Europe pulls down average EU gas prices, study says #EU #Europe

  • Obama administration abandons plan to revamp trade classifications #US #Trade

  • US plywood coalition seeks ITC review of hardwood, decorative plywood decision #US #Trade

  • Textile firms, steelmakers want trade pacts to bar currency manipulation #Trade #Steel

  • Commerce lowers margin for Taiwan solar panel products, acknowledges error #Commerce #Taiwan #Trade

  • Telecom disruption should be embraced, EU report says #Telecoms #EU

  • Irish watchdog weighs paying broadcasters if 700MHz band goes to mobile operators #Ireland #Telecoms

  • French court to rule on rugby union TV rights in September #France #Rugby

  • National copyright rules could spur EU action #EU #copyright

  • National copyright rules could spur EU action #EU #copyright

  • Telecom disruption should be embraced, EU report says #Telecoms #EU

  • Biofuels can boost Europe’s energy security, EU lawmaker says #Biofuels #EU

  • Costly oil projects depend too much on high crude prices, study says #energy #EU

  • Unrest in Ukraine, Iraq heightens EU energy-supply fears #energy #EU

  • UK financial watchdog finds credit ads misleading borrowers #UK #finance #compliance

  • UK regulator scores victory for Lehman pension-plan members #UK #finance #regulation

  • ICAP counters EU charges over role in Libor abuse #ICAP #EU #libor

  • EU insurance watchdog stands by its two advisory panels #EU #Insurance #Finance


Predictive Analysis of Regulatory Risk

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    “The MLex service is invaluable.”

    Professor Richard Whish, Kings College London

MLex is a global news organization that specializes in predictive analysis of regulatory risk. Our expert journalists in LondonNew York, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Brussels track material changes in laws that affect business, commerce and trade. By breaking news and dissecting trends, we help companies and their advisers to anticipate critical regulatory decisions and events.

MLex has a proven track record of providing valuable information and analysis to professionals in the sectors that advise corporate clients on how to manage regulatory risk. Lawyers, public-affairs and public-relations practitioners, economists, management consultants and merger trustees all draw on MLex’s expertise to better inform and advise their existing clients, as well as win new business.

MLex is a vital tool for executives tasked with managing regulatory risk within a major company. From a corporation’s regulatory or public affairs team, through to its in-house legal department, right up to the boardroom – MLex allows company executives to better equip themselves to anticipate and react to new regulations and rulings.

Regulatory risk affects company value. From merger reviews and approvals through to infrastructure funding and litigation exposure, investors draw on MLex’s intelligence and analysis to inform their decisions. Hedge funds focusing on merger arbitrage and special situations get unrivaled real-time coverage of major deals facing regulatory review around the world, with early warning of the issues that could arise and timely reporting on the regulatory events that can contribute to price volatility.

Government departments and ministries, their agencies, and the courts that enforce their work, need to be aware of what’s going on their fields of legal activity elsewhere. MLex has become the go-to resource for many authorities to find out the latest rules, rulings and regulatory trends in other jurisdictions.

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